Hello there, and thank you for visiting our site! We are a small organization made up of three guys with a love for all things outdoors. We decided to get into the beard care business for two reasons. First, there is a deficit of high quality, affordable beard care products. Second, we are fund-raising for a hike, but more about that later.

The Products

Our products are made from simple, all natural ingredients. We don’t short-change the customer and we don’t sell anything that we aren’t personally proud of and use on a daily basis. Did you know that some companies dilute their beard oils with vegetable glycerin? We use therapeutic-grade essential oil blends, Jojoba oil, and Grapeseed oil in our beard oils.  Fewer ingredients. No chemicals. All natural products.

The People

There are currently three of us here right now. We are college-age guys looking for experience in the business world while also making some money on the side. Two of us have been planning a 1200 mile hike which we will embark on during the summer of 2017. You can follow our hike at www.chasethepnt.com. A while back we sat down over a cup of coffee and started talking about ways to fund raise for this hike and somehow beard oil came up. Before we knew it, we had other people interested in our product and offering time and skills to help us succeed. So here we are, trying to make it all work, juggling full course loads, working part-time jobs, getting into the outdoors, and attempting to make a successful startup.

We appreciate your orders, comments, prayers and all around support! Thank you all!